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The June-Year Challenge

I’ve been trying to create a balance in post grad and what better way to start new habits than to challenge yourself on completing them?

I do well with challenges. They are the way that I get things done as a way to prove things to myself.

I am creating a guide that I have gone by to help myself create meaningful habits and I will share them with you in an attempt to see you do the same!

Here are the four components of the challenge that you can take on however you’d like!

Conscious Eating:

The thorough understanding of what you are putting in your body on a daily. This isn’t a diet where its saying cut out all your favorite things, however it is one to determine how you can moderate your eating habits to a point where you still can eat everything you want to eat.

My personal example: I will be going vegan for 30 days with a focus on plant based and minimizing processed foods and eating out. I will have 4 coupons for processed food buys I can have for the month as well as four passes to eat out while following my diet.

Physical Activity:

If anyone knows me, or as you will come to know me I do not like working out. Not a fan. However in this challenge I will be challenging myself to go to the gym and complete physical activity anyway.

I will do 3 gym days a week and 2 in home gym sessions for at least 30 minutes. This is a form of discipline to stick to what I say I am going to do.

Mind & Soul

I have been trying to get in the habit of being more spiritual with the world and within myself. So I am going to meditate before bed and have a prayer ritual every morning when I wake up. It is common to pray in a time of need, but most don’t pray on a daily basis just to converse with God. So I want to make that more of a habit and a way to be grateful for the life I have been blessed with. I will meditate before bed to get me ready for sleep using my favorite app Headspace, as a way to reflect on my day and wind down before bed. I think its important in order to have a clear head.

Self Care

Last, but not least, I am on the path to balancing all these essentials with the one thing we seem to neglect when everything else is going well. I want to make sure I am also taking care of my body, my hair, and mu skin entirely while trying to be on the path to other successes. I will be documenting hair growth, skin routines and more that are essential to the overall wellness of self.


Other things to consider and add to your journey (As I will) are challenges to things you haven’t been so true too lately. I have been wanting to create and write more so I am planning to journal every day for at least 10 minutes and hopefully have something created by the end of the month for you all.

I am so excited for this fresh journey. I spent the day at the spa with Kali yesterday and had such an amazing time cleansing my body with massages and body scrubs and saunas. I am so ready to be conscious of all the foods going into my body, have some new workout habits and overall just grow mentally.

I would love for you all to share how you plan to take on this challenge and journey! Or other ways you all form habits!

With much love,

Joyy Amaya

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