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Professional Summary

I have built my career on the principles of adaptability and versatility in an ever-changing media industry. I have worn many hats, from an administrative assistant to an experienced green screen painter. I am a marketing guru, event decorator, creative coordinator and web designer, just to name a few. I thrive in environments where my problem-solving skills are put to the test and where no two work days are exactly the same. 


I am a detailed planner and an avid list maker. My organization habits are well suited for timely deadlines, project management and strategic thinking. I have conceptualized and produced live shows in a studio, pitched marketing strategies and campaigns, and supervised an editorial staff. I am efficient at conducting research and analyzing information. I am productive while working on my own, but thrive when working with a team. I am comfortable leading others, interfacing with clients and presenting to an audience. 


I put my heart into the work I do and make it a priority to be reliable, punctual and honest. I always lead with a smile fueled by my enthusiasm to learn and excel in the workplace. 


Content Strategy  Writing     Campaign Management    Branding 
Social Media
 Social Media Management    SEO   Adobe Creative Suite    Graphic Design    Creative Initiatives  Copywriting/Copyediting  

Photo Editing (Photoshop)     Video Editing (Premiere Pro)     Web Design (HTML/CSS/UX)    Microsoft Office   


2014 - 2018

Rutgers University, The State University  of New Jersey

B.A in Journalism and Media Studies 

Minor: Political Science and Entrepreneurship


I am interested in writing screenplays for Television and Film. I enjoy reading YA literature for its constant reminder of innocence and naivety. I like health blogs and Pinterest mood boards. Green drinks. Candles. Sitcoms. Shower singing. Avocado toast. However, this isn't a dating site so take me out if you really want to know more.  

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